A standard basketball court is rectangular and measures 28 by15 meters (94 by 50 feet). The court features various markings and zones, including a center circle, three-point lines, a key or paint area, and a free-throw line. We are committed to bringing the joy of basketball to your home, school, or facility.


Basketball court flooring refers to specially designed and engineered surfaces used in various athletic and recreational facilities to provide a safe and high-performance environment for sports activities. These floors are crucial for minimizing the risk of injuries, ensuring proper gameplay, and offering durability to withstand the demands


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How does it work?


Length and Width

Standard court dimensions of 28 meters in length and 15 meters in width ensure consistency across basketball courts.Adherence to these dimensions ensures fair play and uniformity in gameplay.


Three-Point Line Distance

Distinctive three-point line positioned 6.75 meters from the basket delineates scoring areas. Regulates player positioning and rewards long-range shooting skills.


Paint Area

Key area measuring 16 feet in width and extending 19.75 feet from the backboard fosters close-range scoring opportunities. Facilitates strategic offensive and defensive maneuvers near the basket.


Basket Height

Standard basket height of 10 feet from the playing surface challenges players and encourages skill development. Maintains consistency in shooting difficulty across different courts.

Basketball Court Construction

A basketball court involves meticulous planning and execution. Beginning with a level and compacted base, layers of specialized materials are carefully laid. A resilient rubber surface provides cushioning for players’ movements, followed by the installation of durable synthetic flooring. Precise markings are then applied, delineating the court’s boundaries and key areas. Thorough inspections ensure safety and compliance with standards, resulting in a high-quality basketball court ready for the excitement of the game.


Ground Preparation

Leveling and compacting the ground to create a stable foundation. Ensures an even surface for consistent gameplay.


Base Layer Installation

Applying a layer of coarse sand to absorb water and maintain dry conditions. Enhanced drainage.


Rubber Surface

Installing a resilient rubber layer to provide cushioning for players' movements. Reduces impact on player joints.


Synthetic Flooring

Laydown of durable synthetic fibers to create the playing surface. Offers excellent traction and durability for intense gameplay.


Marking lines

Precisely marking court boundaries and key areas with white lines. Ensures clear visibility for players and referees.


Quality Assurance

Thorough examination to ensure safety standards and regulations are met. Guarantees a high-quality basketball court.

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