A top-notch football court demands reliable surface materials that prioritize player safety and performance. Our specialized installation service ensures the provision of premium-quality court surfaces designed to enhance grip and prevent slips during intense matches. From impact absorption to weather resilience, our courts are meticulously crafted to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the United Arab Emirates, guaranteeing durability and optimal playing conditions for football enthusiasts.


Step onto the pitch of innovation with our diverse artificial grass tailored for football. Resilient to any weather, our turf promises durability and performance. From thunderous victories to silent training, it’s the unsung hero of every game. Give INFINITY MIDDLE EAST a chance in elevating the beautiful game with quality and reliability. Welcome to the future of football surfaces.


Revitalize your football field with our expert maintenance service! From repairing turf imperfections to ensuring optimal playing conditions, we specialize in keeping your field in prime shape. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to smoother matches! Trust our dedicated team to enhance your footballing experience and prolong the lifespan of your field. Experience the difference with our meticulous football field maintenance today!

How does it work?


Surface Layer

We meticulously prepare the ground, ensuring it's level, compacted, and free from debris.


Turf Installation

Our team expertly lays down the turf, ensuring proper alignment and seamless integration.


Infill Application

We evenly distribute infill materials to provide stability, cushioning, and optimal ball bounce.


Finishing Touches

Our attention to detail shines as we trim edges, inspect seams, and ensure uniformity across the entire football court.

Football Ground Construction

Constructing  a football court involves using different materials to build a solid playing surface. First, the ground is made level and firm. Then, coarse sand is spread to absorb water and keep the pitch dry. On top of this, a durable rubber surface is laid down to cushion players’ steps and tackles. Next comes the turf, made of strong synthetic fibers, which is installed carefully. Sturdy goal posts are set up, and white lines are painted to mark the boundaries and areas of play. Finally, everything is checked to make sure it’s safe and meets standards. With these steps, a top-notch football court is ready for players to enjoy the game.


Ground Preparation

We meticulously level and compact the ground, ensuring a stable foundation for the football pitch.


Drainage System

Our advanced drainage system efficiently channels water away, preventing waterlogging and ensuring playability even in heavy rain.


High-Quality Turf

We use premium artificial turf engineered for durability, resilience, and consistent play, ensuring a top-notch surface for football enthusiasts


Goal Post

Expertly installed goal posts, meeting regulation standards, provide the framework for intense matches and precise scoring opportunities.


Line and Measurements

Precision in marking the pitch ensures clear boundaries, penalty areas, and center circles, meeting official football field dimensions.


Quality and Longevity

Through rigorous quality checks and the use of high-quality materials, we guarantee a football ground built to withstand heavy use, ensuring longevity and player satisfaction.

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